Ice Slot Reservation

Select this option to reserve your slot at our rink.

Please bring cash for payment.

Open to: Men & Women

Team Ice Reservation

Bring up to 8 players to practice at our facility, have a larger team take a 2 hour practice block and receive 20% off both hours.

Rate: $125 for 1 hour, $100 per hour for 2 hours or more.  Adult supervision required for team practices.


Open to: Men & Women

Team Party Rental

Have your Team Party at our facility!

We offer both the Synthetic Ice for playing pond hockey, shooiting and fun as well as our entire facility which includes a bubble hockey game, ping pong table, billiard table, Xbox game, Dinning table, Kitchen area, Lounge Area with TV, easy access to showcase team pictures on a USB stick and so forth.

Call us to help you with your planning for food, we have great options in the area from Sushi, to Gourmet Pizza, BBQ, Thai and much more ...

Select your Date and Time for your 3 hour Team Party.

Contact Us for more Details

Email: Yannick@bizmodus.com

Phone: (954) 673-0128


Open to: Men & Women